01.Overview:We will explain about Intellectual property rights in an easy-to-understand manner with following parts. (IPdash Tokyo intellectual property firm/ Patent Attorney Hisamitsu TOMEBA)

This is the 1st part of our seminar “Intellectual Property in Japan (Patent right)”.
“Intellectual Property (IP)” will be explained in an easy-to-understand manner with following slides.

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Purpose of this seminar (Patent right) is “to let know the Japan Patent Act”.

We hope our seminar become
a hint for your business in Japan or
a cue to start business in Japan.

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The First chapter is “Overview”.

In this part 1, overview of this seminar will be disclosed.

Chapter 1:What is Japan Patent Act? Chapter2:Before Patent Acquisition (Invention~Application~Registration). Chapter3: After Patent Acquisition. Chapter4: Patent Dispute. Chapter5: International

At first, Intellectual Property and the purpose of the Japan Patent Act will be introduced (Chapter 1).

After that, patent system will be explained along the life cycle of patent (Chapter 2 and 3).
Chapter 2 is before patent acquisition, and Chapter 3 is after patent acquisition.

Then, patent dispute will be introduced (Chapter 4).

In the final chapter, international relationships will be briefly introduced (Chapter 5).

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Followings are the table of contents of this seminar.

Chapter1 Introduction: 01.Overview 02.Intellectual Property Rights 03.Purpose of Patent Act 04.From Patent Application to Expiration. Chapter2 Before Patent Acquisition: 05.Claims 06.Examination and Decision 07.Novelty and Prior Application.
Chapter3 After Patent Acquisition: 08.Invention uses another person's patented invention 09.License 10.Civil punishments and Criminal punishments 11.Direct Infringement and Indirect Infringement. Chapter4 Patent Dispute: 12.Trial and Appeal System 13.Trial and Litigation 14.The Story of Rights, The Story of Money
Chapter5 International: 15.WIPO Statistics

Basic Level contains 15 parts.

With these 15 slides, you will obtain basic knowledge about Patent System in Japan.

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In the part 2, we will talk about “What is intellectual property?”

That’s all for Part 01 (Overview).

IPdash Tokyo Intellectual Property Firm (Japan)

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